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product and design solution
We are honest door manufacturers,our products cover the interior doors,exterior doors,metal doors,wooden doors.We provide design solutions for customer references,including style and size,maximum to provide convenient services to customers
Sourcing and Supply
We develop and execute sourcing plans based on the principles and procedures of "Business Intelligence" as described in our section on Business Development.
Manufacturing & Processing
We develop and execute manufacturing and processing plans for specific products, based on the principles and procedures of "Business Intelligence" as described in our section on Business Development.
We provide a nest or incubation platform to companies that either (i) would like one stop service for all its business needs ("permanent nesting"); or (ii) would like to set up an independent platform of their own in the long term, and need to speed up the entry process ("temporary nesting").
Consulting & Training
For market entry, product development and design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.
In some cases our clients′ projects require significant investment. We believe in our clients and we invest together with our clients when we share the long term vision of a specific project. nesting").


Shanghai SunFlower Group Co., Ltd. we are professional door products manufactory in China, it combines the research, exploitation, It's head office localed in Blue-sky subarea of Nanxiang high-tech zone, Jiading, Shanghai. We have our owen Mold Development Center and professional sales Center. The company covers an area of over 80,000 square meters, the main business scope is anti-theft door, fire door, steel & wood anti-theft door, indoor door, stainless steel door, a

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We will go to carton fair from 30th April to 5th May
chinese new year holiday from 10th Feb to 25th Feb

sales persons will on holiday from Feb 6 to 12.
workers will on holiday from Feb 1 to 17.
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wooden door,steel door
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